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South Sound Clinics

"Diana Fairbank's gift in immersing a love for the work as well as her creative spirit in your project yields great rewards to her clients. Whoever has the clear discernment to choose her enchanting services, will be thrilled at the outcome! Her skill, professionalism and innate ability to manifest your vision is remarkable.
Within weeks of my website being up and running, my business blossomed in an area of the U.S that would normally be considered unprofitable for my line of work. I was even invited to appear on the local TV channel in a primetime spot.
Diana produces results that are impressive and her natural intuitive skills will put your vision into action very quickly.

~ Charmiene Maxwell-Batten A/K/A Sita

Wendee Mann ~ Versatile Designs

Harry Atlas, Ph.D

Tim Flynn ~ Magician

Bob - Autokraft of Kent

Jerry Sanders, Sr.
Native Stone Concrete

Valley Property Services

Intuitive Darleen Christopher

Lois Walker ~ Board of Directors

Artist Vera LeDoux


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